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Transparent Fresnel Based Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermal System (INTENSOL)
Start date: Jan 1, 2011, End date: Dec 31, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Strategic overall objective of the proposed project is to develop an efficient and cost effective solar energy system for combined electrical and thermal energy production that uses direct solar radiation as the primary energy source. In order to achieve those objectives we are presenting an innovative concept of Highly Concentrated PV Solar Thermal System, which is based on a combination of latest developments in photovoltaic technology and solar thermal components, a product that is able to produce electricity and heat from one integrated system. System that we are proposing is based on the development of novel cost effective Fresnel lens based concentrators implemented on a multiple junction PV cell technology. Product will be equipped with integrated cell cooling and heat recuperation system, positioned by high accurate two axis tracking system and guided by adaptive control system. All components will be integrated and optimized as an autonomous unmanned co-generation power production unit in a form of new commercial product, the INTENSOL. Therefore INTENSOL is combination of following key innovative technologies; - Fresnel lens based concentrators with multiple junction PV cells - PV cells cooling and heat recuperation system - Highly accurate two axis tracking system - Advanced guidance and control system This proposed system will be suitable for various small and medium energy consumers, it will be particularly well suited to those placed in ‘sunny areas’ such as MEDITERRANEAN AREA, but because of high concentration factor and efficiency and cost-effectiveness for MIDDLE EUROPEAN ZONE, as well. Key advantages of our solar system are: - low price (2000-3000 EUR/1 kWe) - easy maintenance (self-cleaning, cheap, easy removed concentrating lens) - light construction of the system"
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