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Transnational Political Participation, Representation and Sovereignity in the European Project
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 28 Feb 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project EuPoliS consists of the design, planning and organisation of several public debates focused on the implementation of active political participation within the EU building process. The core topic is the formation of a European political party system, as well as the productive dialogue among national parties belonging to the political families represented in the European Parliament. The aim is highlighting which are the instruments and methods employed to activate such a dialogue (the transnational selection of candidacies, the definition of common programmatic points, the political training of young generations), as well as the contents that seem to be most commonly shared by public opinion at national level (economic crisis and national sovereignty, redistribution of wealth, usage of structural funds, equality of representation, gender equality and generational renewal of political élites).These are the issues that are currently perceived as the most relevant. They will be analysed in the light of the European parliamentary elections of May 2014, that will make possible to collect and comment many information, such as the operating methods and conditions of the political campaign, the electoral result, the new political balances that will evolve inside the Parliament, the echo of the political debate in the media, the connection between EU governance and Commission-Parliament relationship.The chosen visual angle is the juridical perspective, particularly that of public law. Nevertheless a multidisciplinary approach will be endorsed through the encounter of sociologists of communication, economists and political scientists. Experienced scholars will have constantly to confront themselves with the younger generation of academics.
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