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Transnational collaboration and sharing our experience to improve the quality of education in school
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Transnational collaboration and sharing our experience to improve the quality of education in school is a project focused on acquiring the innovative approach of active learning, researching British experience to motivate the teachers to better their qualification, gaining new techniques to diminish students’ aggression and investigate the implementation of these techniques in a Bulgarian school. As final achievements of this training will be a virtual library with 10 developed and supervised lesson plans, with or without ICT or interactive board, 6 methods for bettering professional qualification and 10 methods for better classroom management and a school aid. All these things will enable our aim to make learning more attractive and to stop early drop-out of students. Common and specific objectives of the project completely correspond to the Erasmus + program in part KA2 –Cooperation and innovation of good practices, for access to qualified education and learning good practices by supervising, investigating and researching the development in schools in countries members of the European Union. By the help of sharing ideas, knowledge and know-how we expect to enlarge the social base and to achieve the specific objectives, to increase the investments in human capital by more qualified education. Field of intervention is collaboration between partners to investigate and implement good practices focused on a specific question or problem. The project corresponds to another target – to enrich pedagogical skills and knowledge of teachers by stimulating lifelong learning and encouraging partnership for reforms in education. The project will be realized by conducting five training seminars, doing a research of British experience of motivating teachers for higher qualification, supervision of lessons in Britain and Bulgaria and work out lessons plans. There isn’t an integrated and generally accepted virtual library for implementation of lessons plans, which we intend to create. The planned training in the sphere of social competency (team work, communicative skills, development of critical and constructive way of thinking, classroom management) will develop personal potential of the people working in the sphere of education. That will better their ability to adapt quicker to the continuously changing social environment. Planned activities included in the project will increase motivation of the teachers to improve their professional qualification /which is a problem for Bulgaria/, mastering new methods to limit aggression at school/ which is growing/, teaching children with special educational needs and more productive classroom management. The target group is heterogeneous of age but homogeneous in goals and interests, which guarantees the informational and practical training to have a good and long added value. For the dissemination of the project are foreseen the following activities: - Two press conferences - Four articles for local and national newspapers - Participate in a local radio and TV broadcast - Work out developed lessons and upload them in the project site - Create a virtual library - Make a Website with the whole information concerning the objectives of the project, activities and methods - Organize a meeting with the parents and the school social committee - Publish a school aid /50 issues/, a brochure /1000 issues/ and fliers /1000 issues/
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