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Transkaukazja - Caucasian trails in Europe
Start date: May 1, 2013,

Transkaukazja works with contemporary artists from Europe and the Caucasus for impulses toward an understanding of a new Europe, which we name “Newrope”. Through this we have two main topics - migration and confederation – we realize a cultural campaign with so called “department walks” and “soundsgood music” events in eight European countries (PL, DE, AT, CZ, FR, PT, UK, SE). Presentations and presented art works often will mix different genres of art, and always include Caucasian, European and local inspirations, mostly in connection with our chosen main topics.In addition we want to create and promote a webcast system called “Radio Newrope” that includes the most exciting stories from all participating countries and from the Caucasus in the frame of our two topics and connected with the events. By this, our main goal is to enable citizens in Europe to participate in art events and to listen to “Radio Newrope” in order to inspire a dialog of self-reflection and self-definition in Europe by presenting Caucasian and European contemporary art. Transkaukazja is a contemporary art project that focuses very much on social and political problems in society and give opportunities for European citizens to participate in the project.
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