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Transformers: Training of Trainers for youth projects with mixed ability groups
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Dec 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We beleive that every youth organisation should have a human rights-based and inclusive disability perspective and high disability awareness as well as required knowledge and competency to be able to provide equal opportunities for young people with disabilities. On the other hand the activities under youth work being organized only with the participation of young people with disabilities are also not favorable since they are still not inclusive and sustainable. Because youthwork is for all and has to gather all youth without any discrimination or isolation. It should bring both youngsters with and without disabilites in common activities, help them gain new skills to live and work together and develop empathy towards each other. That is the only way that they can remove all obstacles that the society itself created. In the same way of thinking, gathering only and only non-disabled young people without any disabled peers and running some awareness activities about disability issue is also non-sense and lack of the required piece of the puzzle. The best way is coming and working together and create accessible platforms for this to happen. We, as Turkey Youth Union Association colloborating with our trustworthy partners whom we worked together in similar previous projects, came up with this project idea and developed this idea as a training of trainers to increase the quality and capacity of youth workers and trainers in terms of working with mixed ability groups of young people in fully accessible youth projects. ?Nothing about us, without us? motto has been lately used by leading disability rights activists and advocates to promote the full involvement of people with disabilities in all decision making processes especially regarding their own rights and problems. We also accepted this motto as our inspirational and motivational reference in our regular activities and in this training course. It is sad but true that neither in relatively shorter nor longer youth projects young people with disabilities and their special needs for learning and participating are not taken into consideration as much as it should be. Limited number of youth NGO?s organize activities for them however those activities are not either sustainable or lack of the required disability awareness. The main problem is there are not enough number of qualified youth coordinators, trainers or facilitators to spread the idea of equality and social inclusion for young people with disabilities. For this reason we need more youth NGO?s and youth multipliers, specially youth trainers who are aware of this need and actively working to create new training opportunities for mixed ability groups. Briefly, with this training of trainers project, we aim to increase the quality of youth work in terms of social inclusion of young people with disabilities, increase the number and the quality of mixed ability group projects, raise awareness about disability and train the youth trainers on how to work with mixed ability groups in the best accessible and inclusive way, support the personal and professional development of youth trainers and promote specialization and disseminate best practices in youth sector. Those aims are to be reached by the help of an expertised and experienced training team using a specially designed training modüle including inclusive and accessible methodology and tools. During the 7 days of the training 25 participants from Italy, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Latvia, Ukraine, Morocco and Turkey will have a chance to learn by doing, experiencing and a very intensive peer to peer approach. In addition, 3 persons will support the participants with special needs in various ways such as providing sign language interpretation for deaf participants and audio description service for blind participants. In case of project is approved it will be the very first training of trainers (ToT) with such a target group, concept and methodology used and we are so much hopeful that it will be a good model and inspiration for other future trainings to be organized by other organisations.
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