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TransForm@ - Game based learning course to boost digital transformation of rural commerce sector
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project TransForm@ is aimed at impulse digital transformation of rural commerce sector through the creation of a serious game based training on e-commerce in rural areas. The EU's rural areas are a vital part of Europe physical make-up and its identity. According to a standard definition, more than 91% of the territory of the EU is "rural", and this area is home to more than 56% of the EU's population. Europe's rural areas are diverse in terms of population, demography, economic structures and labour markets. Nevertheless, most of them face a common challenge: their capacity to create high-quality, sustainable jobs are falling behind urban areas. Two large scale processes of demographic change are taking place in Europe: a long established "urbanisation" trend drawing population and economic activity from rural to urban areas, and a more recent "counter-urbanisation" flow out of urban areas into accessible rural areas, made possible by new transport and ICT infrastructure.Rural development measures should be fully exploited for employment and growth, and job creation should be strongly encouraged. The electronic commerce (e-commerce) is a modern way to market goods and services through the use of ICTs, especially by capitalising the advantages of Internet. It is a really useful resource to reinforce or complement traditional sales channels; at the same time it open the opportunity for very new and original businesses or bring services and products where before could not come.E-commerce can really be a key of rural areas economic growth, encouraging young people to set there their life and career.TransForm@ is aimed at increase competitiveness and job opportunities in rural areas by encouraging e-commerce; it pursues 4 main results:- To enhance people digital and e-business related skills;- To develop entrepreneurial spirit also in an international dimension;- To facilitate young people transition from training to the world of work;- To increase employability and entrepreneurship in rural areas.This project is also aimed at reduce geographical disparities and disadvantages and foster the inclusion of people with fewer opportunities for living far from economic centres. The two Intellectual Outputs of TransForm@ will be:1) “Training on e-Commerce in rural areas”, an online training course on e-commerce in rural areas for VET trainers and students, young (aspiring) entrepreneurs and people leaving (on that would like to leave) in rural areas interested in innovate or create their own business, public and private entities interested in rural areas’ development, business organisations, ONG’ working with people with less opportunities, etc. 2) “E-Commerce in rural areas Simulator Game”, an online game for vocational trainees, young (aspiring) entrepreneurs and people leaving (on that would like to leave) in rural areas, where players will simulate the creation of an e-commerce in rural area, by cooperating with other national and international players. The game will be complemented by a tutorial explaining its rules and how to use it for training. TransForm@ project is innovative with regard to:- The topic, e-business in rural areas, still largely unexplored; - The training methodology, a game, very little exploited in formal education;- The international approach in training.In line with the objectives of the ERASMUS+ programme, Intellectual Outputs will be available, as Open Education Resources free of use, in the TransForm@ Platform, which will also contain information about the topic, real life testimonies, good practices and useful links.

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