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Transfer of existing process maps and their adoption on the need of certification and vocational education in project's partners countries

The realisation of Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project no. 2008-1-PL1-LEO05-02057 showed the great interest from the companies side. The aim of this project was to transfer metholodogy, procedure and tools to evaluate and recognise competencies from companies point of view. During the dissemination activities the great demand for follow-up activities to transfer and adaptation of existing maps of another economic sectors was noticed. Thus the scope of the project is to improve the quality of training activities and interaction with companies in order to foster innovative practices in the management and design of competency-based training paths and develop therefore the transparency and recognition of professional qualifications and competencies. These results have been fostered through the transfer of existing process' maps of chosen economic sectors, done within the innovative model, piloted and recognised in Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, that describes the competencies in terms of “key activities” and provides for observation and assessment criteria able to set standard levels for the certification or recognition of the professional competencies. These results have been added to existing database built within the tool for competencies mapping adjusted and transferred within the previous Transfer of Innovation project (project no. 2008-1-PL1-LEO05-02057).The partnership was composed by TNOiK (PL), Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute (Staff Education and Development Centre) (PL) and two international partners: ENAIP (IT), whose process maps will be transferred to the Polish partners and Kenniscentrum (NL). All partners are training agencies currently dealing with the organization, design and development of training activities and have relevant connections with individuals, companies and the labour market and are cooperating within Leonardo da Vinci project no. 2008-1-PL1-LEO05-02057. The main results achieved are: transfer and adoption of existing process maps of chosen economic sectors (transferred by the Italian partner); improvement of previously transferred computer tool (Mapcom 2 software) developed by EnAIP FVG and adopted by the partnership within the previous project; follow-up of a community of practice allowing the exchange of materials at international level. The tangible outcomes of the project are 6 process maps (of economic sectors acc. to following NACE Codes: H49, I56, C15, G45, C13.1, H52.1), translated and adapted to partners needs and added to the Mapcom 2 software database; improved computer tool - Mapcom 2 software.The intangible outcome is the elaboration of common standard of competencies certification, especially non-formal ones. This standard should be written in EQF and allow to proper use of Europass.We believe that elaborated outcomes are the great element to support the development of employees and will bring the transparency of their competencies.

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