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Transfer of Entrepreneurs' Skills Certificate to Czech Republic and Poland

The European Commission claimed in one of its statement entrepreneurs' skills to be a crucial competence for all the European countries (Action Plan: The European agenda for Entrepreneurship). European Commission also defines entrepreneurship as one of 7 key competences. As in Germany and Austria a successful and proved tool is already in use, this project aims to transfer this tool, known as Entrepreneur Skills Certificate, to the Czech Republic and Poland.Entrepreneur Skills Certificate (ESC for short) is a conceptual educational program which was awarded European best practice in Oslo 2007 and Good Practice Exchange under the European charter for small enterprises 2008-2009. It consist of 4 modules- modules A (fundamental economic know-how), B (key aspects of economics) and C (key aspects of business administration) on the basic level- module D (supplementary knowledge at the level of a Business Administration exam)Each module comprises of- 1 students's book- 1 teacher's book- 1 CD with learning and exercise pages- 1 e-learning programmeEach module is completed by an exam.Main objectives of this projects are:- to localize ESC (modules A, B and C) to Czech Republic and Poland - to re-design and update an existing content and develop a new module D according to the actual needs of labour market in all partner countries (possible topics: sustainability, finance...)- to organize pilot ESC courses in the Czech Republic and Poland- to set up certification boards in the Czech Republic and Poland, who will in the future grant licences to schools, to assure the sustainability of the productIn our consortium we have 5 partners from 4 countries:- bit cz training (CZ) - the applicant and future coordinator of the project, who will localise ESC to Czech - Kraj Vysočina (CZ) - Vysocina Regional Authority (CZ) - its role is to support the pilot testing of Czech ESC by nominating schools and it will also co-operate on re-design and development of a new educational module D of ESC.- iidb (DE) - a partner experienced in localization, piloting and implementation ESC in Germany- bit media (AT) - technical assistance for localization (textbooks and e-learning programmes)- CTC (PL) - its role will be localization to Poland and pilot testingThe main outcomes of our project will be:- complete set of ESC materials in Czech and Polish language (student's book, teacher's book, e-learning programme CD, exercise CD)- 80 students certified by ESC (40 in Czech Republic and 40 in Poland)- innovation of existing module D affecting all European countries implementing the ESC now and in futureThis project should positively affect the potential of small business in Czech Republic and Poland and therefore support stabilization of the actual difficult situation on a labour market.

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