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Transfer of e-learning quality innovation in mental health education (ePsychNurse.Net: eQuality System )

The aim of the project is to improve the quality, attractiveness and accessibility of the opportunities for lifelong learning available in the field of mental health care within EU Member States. This will be done by updating and transferring the existing e-course (ePsychNurse.Net) to new clinical contexts, linguistic areas, cultures and countries. To ensure the sound quality of the updated e-course sustainable and transferable quality assurance tools and processes (the QA e-System) will be created to ensure future development, implementation and evaluation of the e-course.The project consortium consists of eight European countries, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, England, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland (with own funding), representing a variety of cultural and linguistic areas. There are a total of 11 partners representing several different sectors: the health care sector (including primary and specialized health care organisations representing the work sector), educational institutions (universities and colleges) and nursing associations. The project will deliver tangible and intangible outcomes. A primary tangible outcome is the transfer of the updated ePsychNurse.Net course, with two new language versions, in seven countries. Another major tangible outcome is the QA e-System, which will support the successful development, implementation and evaluation of the e-course in the various educational institutions. Intangible project outcomes include supporting nurses’ smooth shifts from vocational education to higher education, and enhancing collaborations with social partners and relevant stakeholders.The main target sectors of the project are health care and education. The impacts will therefore be variously targeted towards qualified mental health nurses, nursing educators, nursing managers and policy makers within mental health care and education. In the short term, the project will aim to impact on the accessibility and quality of e-learning and continuing education and training. In the long term, the project will aim to have an impact on both mental health care policy and continuing education policy across Europe, by increasing target groups’ awareness about e-learning and continuing education needs within mental health care and creating a knowledge base on quality assurance issues relating to e-learning.
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