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Trans-European Education for Landscape Architects
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the face of recent environmental, social and economic challenges, the profession of landscape architects (LA) is assigned new roles and missions of being prepared to respond to rising expectations of environment and society. Aiming for trans-European recognition of the LA profession it is essential to have harmonised but levered education systems across the continent. IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) and ECLAS (European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools) have developed explicit set of requirements for providing and improving LA education in Europe, still, many HEIs are out of the framework drafted by this guidance document and need an upgrade.The aim of the project is to develop a 1st cycle study programme (qualifying for joint/double degree) in LA, which is focused on developing both professional and transversal competencies, is flexible and adaptable to emerging market trends, and recognised on the EU level. The objectives of the project are (1) to identify the gaps in LA education and bridge them by using the IFLA-ECLAS Guidance methodology, practical experiences and specific tools to promote learning and (2) assess the legal framework in involved countries to ensure smooth accreditation of the programme. In order to develop the programme partners will (3) identify the specific competencies that are needed in different countries and (4) select corresponding educational tools to address them resulting in more competent specialists with better employability opportunities. The project will draft a map of key and LA specific competences across the participating HEIs, regions and the whole EU.The target group of EULand21 are learners who will choose LA as their profession, including those who want to retrain from neigbouring fields. Indirect target groups addressed by the project are other HEIs in the EU, LA companies, accreditation bodies, national LA associations, policy makers & public authorities. The project foresees that 250 participants of multiplier events (in LT, EE, PL, HU, NL, BE), 24 summer school students, 20 staff of involved organisations, 100 LA association members and 100 social partners will benefit through participation in activities of EULand21. The project activities will cover developing a Guidebook on how to apply IFLA requirements using a specifically developed self-assessment tool, discovering gaps in building competencies, and analysis of legal framework in partners‘ countries to launch joint / double degree study programmes. Partners will jointly develop study programme according to IFLA Europe methodology which is based on 2 core competences, 10 subject specific competences, 44 generic competences in three sub-areas, total 56 academic and professional competences, as required in The Guidelines for LA Education. The 240 ECTS 1st cycle study programme will be designed from a pool of Training Subject Modules and tested through a specifically launched intensive study programme. Project partners were selected according to their competencies and capacities to carry out the project. The consortium consists of 4 HEIs, representing arts and architecture (LT) and life sciences (EE, PL, HU). The latter HEIs already have LA study programmes which will serve as good practice, will be assessed and updated according to the requirements / methodology established. The NGO (NL) is mainly concerned with landscape architecture education and represents national LA association, research institutions and four major HEIs in the Netherlands covering LA subject. IFLA Europe is as an umbrella professional LA association with its education committee monitoring the education process across Europe. IFLA Europe represents businesses directly or through national associations of LA. It runs an Education committee, which has adopted requirements and procedures in relation to recognition of taught Landscape Architecture Programmes, according to which, IFLA EU conducts Recognition of Landscape Architecture Programmes across the Europe. Participation of IFLA Europe will ensure the recognition of developed LA curriculum on European scale, easier accreditation nationally and internationally (joint / double degree).EUland21 will respond to the need of high level recognised academic LA training in Europe and elevate the increased quality of LA education in partners’ countries by offering a sustainable tool for continuous upgrade and modernising of LA study process. As a result, an international landscape education will encourage trans-national mobility and employability. The project will also strengthen the European network of LA experts, cooperation of whom will bring opportunities for sharing and enhancement of experience. The project results will be integrated into the existing education guidelines on European level and will influence the activities of IFLA Europe School Recognition Panel and Landscape Architecture education in whole Europe in the next years.

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