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TRANEE -Transport in e-Europe

The TRANEE project will design, test and introduce a series of web-based modules on e-transport management, for SME's (managers and employees). Contents will draw on the results of a recent fifth framework-funded research project into innovative service models and "intelligent" transport systems. The primary product of the project will be a modular curriculum comprising modules on: basics of the knowledge economy and transport sector; transport nets and their management; human resource management; traditional and e-marketing and transport & environmental protection. Supplementary modules will be added to meet the needs of transport SME's, in accession countries, where there is an identified need to adapt management practices to new technologies. The developed modules will be made available on CD-Rom, in all partner languages (EN, DE, CZ, SK & HU) and via the Internet. A dedicated project website will also provide a best practice database plus a series of assignments, on-line help and a forum to facilitate collective learning. Dissemination activities will target transport SME's through professional bodies/associations, vocational training providers and business support agencies. Activities will include direct mailings, use of partner websites, project newsletters, articles & brochures and the presentation of project results at relevant conferences and seminars.

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