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Training Tourism Site TTs: Training Tourism Site Network - Training for the Sustainable Development of Tourism Destinations

Conceived by members of working groups on both quality and sustainable development brought together by the European Commission tourism unit, partners envisage the long-term development of a cross-sectoral network of tourism-related agencies, services, training providers and operators facing different competitive challenges in urban, rural and coastal, large or small destination sites.Specifically, the project will develop access to an interactive e-learning web site that will provide tools for the development of sustainable tourism rather than a complete curriculum. It will comprise training materials, methodologies and case studies on 10 identified themes and it will procure state-of-the-art virtual visit software adaptable to new interactive media.The network will work towards financial sustainability beyond the project period, introducing member fees and preferential access and permitting development of other network objectives such as the development of sustainable development benchmarking systems and anticipation of skill needs. Promotion of activities will be through the common project and individual partner websites as well via appropriate seminars and conferences.
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