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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

- BACKGROUND: At present, the training in preventive matter of this sector is given by traditional technologies of learning in all the countries partners. Does not exist a suitable "professionalization" of the workers inside the new technological environments. This sector is characterized for the deep-sea presence of the workers during considerable periods of time, which disables the training of periodic character (recycling). With audio-visual materials of training with easy comprehension, which could be visualized in thrawler fishing vessels, it would facilitate the training on board. There do not exist programs of training of prevention of labor risks normalized to European level. The standardization of the training to European level contributes an added value to the same one, facilitating the mobility of the personnel, the exchange of knowledge, improving notably the quality of the training contents. The legislation in preventive matter, demands to the workers to give a specific training depending on his working place, so much before beginning to develop it like from time to time. It is habitual that this training ends up by being very general for all the workers, instead of specific, since also it is habitual not to get the periodic training for the complications that the organization of the same one carries, especially in sectors as this one in which the workers are relocated by long periods. Spain has a preventive contents for the updated but these have not developed to there be given by tools ICT ("ANÁLISIS DE LA PROBLEMÁTICA DE LA SINIESTRALIDAD EN EL ARTE DE ARTRASTRE EN LA PESCA DE ALTURA Y GRAN ALTURA: GUÍA DE PROCEDIMIENTOS DE ACTUACIONES PREVENTIVAS"). The new technologies applied to the training put at the disposal of the student and the teacher means of interaction, improving notably the learning process. These innovative tools of learning based on the use of the ICT allow the use of audio-visual contents, which contribute a more efficient training and a training distantly that can be developed at any time and place. Adapt and improve Spanish content through ICT will provide continuous learning for the development of activities in safer conditions and fewer workplace accidents. - The MAIN OBJECTIVES are: - Provision to the trawling fishing sector o in the transverse skills corresponding to the prevention of labor risks - Promotion an educational innovative development in the sector with the use of the ICT (DVD: SAFE FISHING) - PARTNERSHIP: all partners have a specific experience and capabilities that together are essential for achieving the objectives, providing different services, training, identify needs and access to a greater number of beneficiaries. This consortium is very different with several representatives with different roles, who brings extensive experience in evaluating, adapting and improving training. It is conformed by an association of sector (applicant), an expert in the coordination and performance of the European projects and prevention world (SGS), an institute of training specific for this sector of activity, a university and a SME. With this consortium with a different roles, it will be possible to detect the training needs in the sector to improve the learning contents through the transfer of innovation. SGS has an important experience in European Training and Innovation Projects, in prevention issues and in specific topics of this sector. Because of this, SGS will have two important tasks, one of them like assistant to the partners in WP3, WP4 and WP5 and another to evaluate and improve the results of the project from a point of view of innovation and pedagogical. SGS was the consultant which developed the prevention contents of the original project to transfer through this proposal. - RESULTS: - DVD: SAFE FISHING ": AUDIOVISUAL TRAINING IN OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY IN THE TRAWLING FISHING. The program of training normalized to European level that will develop in audio-visual support the training for the prevention of labor risks, structuring the contents as it continues: - Initial preventive training of the working places developed in the tasks: - Supplies - Navigation - Capture. - Process / development. - Stowage in holds. - Sailing to port. - Download. - Other tasks. - Permanent Preventive training of the working places developed in the tasks: - Supplies - Navigation - Capture. - Process / development. - Stowage in holds. - Sailing to port. - Download. - Other tasks. - IMPACT: each of the consortium countries respond to the European request to improve strategies and ensure the development and updating of key skills
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