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In the sector of the landscaped arboriculture, every country has or not certificates or national diplomas. But there are also two European certificates delivered by the European Arboriculture Council ( EAC):- European Tree Worker (ETW): for the professionals realizing operations of plantation, pruning and care in ornamental trees. - European Tree Technician (ETT): for the clerk of works in green space and landscaped creation. The interest of these titles is to guarantee homogeneity of skill level in all the countries of Europe members proposing them. The partners of the project are every actors of the formation in these sectors and have for objective to drive more public towards these certificates. By leaving of their current knowledge and by targeting their gaps, the candidates can choose the modules of short training adapted.Indeed, having realized the questionnaire the participant will have an individualized cartography of the course which he will have to operate to validate the chosen title.

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