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Training on Techniques & Research on Unemployment, School-leaving of Teen-agers
Start date: Feb 2, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“T-TRUST – Training on Techniques & Research on Unemployment, School-leaving of Teen-agers" is an Erasmus plus project of Mobility for youth workers, that will take place in Sandrigo (Vicenza - Italy), in which Cooperativa Margherita gives its primarily commitment. It will give the chance to 30 educators coming from France, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, in addition to 4 local educators to participate in a Seminar lasting 5 days in April 2015. According to the latest analysis of the EU and Italian youth field we deduce that the phenomenon of early school leaving has recently increased in the times and ways to concern the population. It finds its origin in several causes: youth condition, changes in the labor market, family frailty. It affects different age groups, but especially the ones that pass from the middle to the high school. T-TRUST aims to make a contribution to prevent early school leaving during this transition. The project foresees a thematic Seminar aiming at educators dealing with activities with students of the middle schools. For 'educators' we intend every different professional and non-professional figures working with and in support the young students such as animators, professional educators, volunteers, social workers. The final concrete objective is to achieve an exchange of best practices and sharing innovations through the network, strengthening the practices of formal and non-formal education among young people, to offer new perspectives for 'educators'. The planned activities are divided into two categories: 1. Theoretical part: it consists in a convention and some workshops organized to actively involve all the partners, to discuss the issue of early school leaving; 2. Practical activities: this phase will offer hands-on activities starting from local educators experiences and good practices. The theoretical part will be useful to have a common framework of the issues and potential of the topic. Instead, the practice will help participants focusing on specific issues in an active way. The expected results are: • Support to the professional development of those working in education, training and youth with a view to innovation and improvement of the quality of youth activities across Europe; • Integration of best practices and new methods in daily activities; • Open synergies with organizations active in different social, educational and employment fields; • Improve competences, linked to the participants professionals profile; • Disseminate knowledge of practices, policies and systems in education, training or youth across countries; • Increase understanding of interconnections between formal and non-formal education; • Improve the ability to address the needs of the disadvantaged; • Enhance the motivation and satisfaction in daily work or activity. After the end of the activities and the Seminar-experience, few changes can happen on different levels. One of the goal of T-TRUST is the prevention of early school leaving through a mutual cultural knowledge. Participants can play a key-role in broadcasting and amplifying the effects, the content and the policies resulting from the good practices exchange, the professional development of those who work in education, training and youth, moving to the innovation and improvement of the quality of youth activities across Europe. The outcoming network of partnership is thought to last even beyond the end of the seminar. In fact, after its conclusion, T-TRUST already foresees the chance to develop into a Strategic Partnership or a job-shadowing project within the Erasmus + program.

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