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Training of Fishtechnicians
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

There are two main reasons why it is important that the Icelandic College of Fisheries adopts a more global dimension in the training of Fish-technicians. A) As the only school in Iceland offering programs at this level curricular and professional development is dependent on best practice in similar fisheries schools abroad than at home - and B) The industry the school is providing trained staff is primarily exporting and competing on a global market. With an ever increasing diverse labor force and the EU as our biggest importer of fish and in many ways defining the standards for trade - it is natural we look towards Europe first for improving our program for Fish-technicians in Iceland. The objective is to address some of these issues mentioned and that the program will play a vital role in modernizing the curriculum and staff development for Fish-technicians. The project proposal consists of two main activities in two different countries. The student program is organized as an integrated part of the Fish-technician general study program and accredited accordingly. The program for staff is an integrated part of their professional development. Student programs: For Denmark the target group are students finishing their first year of the Fish technician program (aged 18+). The main objective is to strengthen parts of their basic training from the previous year, such as safety at sea, first aid, radio communication, processing and handling, the Danish fishing industry as well general knowledge. Three partners are responsible for the program. MAREL-Aalborg will offer training in automation fish processing machinery. Farvskov Produktionsskole a certified course in welding and the Fiskeriskolen - FT will act as our main partner during the program in charge of organizing the courses and programs. For Portugal the target group are students finishing the second year(aged 18+). The main objective is to strengthen and supplement some of the second year courses such as sales and marketing, quality and product development as well as insight in to the context of their prior work-training (from catch to consumer). The Escola Profissional de Leiria - EPL (main partner) will organize courses related to the subjects mentioned with main emphasis on understanding consumer culture in Portugal and what makes salted cod their main preference. The two partners CAXAMAR and LUGRADE are two of the larger distributors of imported salted cod in central Portugal with their own processing plants. As intermediates between the seller and buyer and experts in distribution and sales the two companies provide students with valuable insight and knowledge of the market for Icelandic products. Both student groups will – during their stay – will get insight into the VET systems, in working abroad, fishing- and fish processing industry in the respective countries as well as history and culture. Teaching/Monitoring, documentation and validation of learning outcomes are based on courses delivered by the VET partners and according to their national standards with and stated in the MOU and training/learning agreement for the partners. Communication and support is provided by subject teacher from the FTI with direct contact to VET-school and/or company contacts. Students earn up to 5 unit credits (ECVET) for each program as part of the courses VINS1BB10 (first year) and VINS1DD10 (second year) as refferd to in the school curricula (2016) – and documented as such on their school transcripts.Teacher program: The objectives are the same in both countries – professional development. During their stay they will visit the same partners mentioned in the student program – except their main focus will be on professional training, pedagogy and subject teaching in the respective VET institutions (FT and EPL) and industry on the job training. in They will shadow local teacher, focusing on teaching styles and teaching of students with other ethnic background - as well as general knowledge and VET systems. The teacher programs will be defined specifically for each program and documented accordingly by the host institution.Dissemination. Besides delivering a report on their return participants will deliver a paper - students in class and teachers at school meetings. Projects will be published on the school website. Provided funding, both programs will constitute a permanent part of the school program and teacher professional training and development. The long term benefits of the will result in better professional training for both students and teachers. A better understanding of markets and as to the context we are working in and thus better products for the consumer. Benefits have already proven to be mutual. Plans for future and continued co-operation between the partners are already in place with sending of students and workers from the two countries to Iceland. Talks are already underway.
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