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Training In Progress
Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The school community of KOGEKA would like to ask for a grant to organise a training project. The project is fourfold: 1 flow of pupils of the study field of Agriculture (6th year of Biotechnical Sciences and Animal and Agricultural Sciences), 1 flow of pupils of the Trading course, 1 flow of pupils of Wood and Construction and one of pupils in Catering. "TIP" or "Training in Progress" refers to the continuing 'learning/training', but also 'living' and further developing your personality in a foreign country. Within this project we would like to combine/unite several partners/countries. The project and the training will be part of the pupils' thesis. They will choose a subject about which they do research during their training. The thesis will entail a comparative study about the possible differences and similarities in approach. If possible, the training places will be chosen according to specific features of a country (eg. moose and forestry in Sweden, ICT in big hotels in Prague, veterinaries in the UK...). The aim of the project is primarily to study the different topics that are researched in depth at the training places and that are described by the pupils in their written thesis. It is very interesting for pupils to make a comparison between the different countries. Depending on the topic, they can help each other to collect information (pictures, brochures, oral explanations...). Secondly, by working in a foreign country, they will learn new working methods, competences and approaches. They can apply their usual activities in a completely new situation and find out what the differences are and also the pros and cons. Finally, but even more importantly, the pupils also live in the host country for a couple of weeks. This gives them a unique insight in life in another European country. This also needs to be described in their training report/thesis. Being submerged in a foreign country, motivates pupils to communicate in a foreign language and also to make their own decisions and take initiative. Intensive preparation for a few months prior to the training will help them to deal with this more easily. Finally we look at our pupils' future: increasing employment for our pupils and involving them more and more in the present day Europe. Besides all the experiences and valuable encounters, this training will have a 'comparative advantage' for the future of our technical and vocational pupils, both for their personal development and the chances they will get on the labour market. This is proven by the acquired Europass-Mobility after a successful training. The expansion of the EU nowadays has triggered an expansion in the labour market. A training abroad gives our pupils an opportunity to learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and it will make an impression on their future employers. It shows that also secondary pupils are able to take risks, show entrepreneurship, have the ability to adapt and be flexible in many ways.

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