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Training In International Accounting Standards and Financial Management For SMEs in the Congruity Frame to Basel II

Bank financing will become more difficult for SMEs in the future because of Basel II. SMEs usually have very small accounting departments and often they have no accounting department at all. The entrepreneurs themselves may lack financial administrative skills to manage financial risks and they are involved in day-to-day business matters that the documents required by the bank are often neglected. So shortly we can say that the project aims to develop an e-learning portal to give vocational education to SMEs in order to teach those Basel II standards, preparation of clear financial tables that are well-matched with International Accounting Standards (IAS), hedging their operational risks by using financial instruments and strengthen their capital structures. In order to actualize the aims expected from the project, a portal and a distance learning system will be developed and two different modules will be prepared – “International Accounting Standards for SMEs in the Congruity Frame to Basel II” and “Financial Management for SMEs in the Congruity Frame to Basel II”. Each module will be suitable for e-learning and include training materials, assessment tests, case studies and a glossary. Modules will be written in Turkish and then translated into English.Partners of the project are important education and research organizations. While some of them took place in lots of project and have important members in all over the world; some give services as a consultancy to numerous companies and to numerous SMEs. Partners are important organizations in the sector and they will help us in reaching the target groups and also they will support us in terms of advertisement.

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