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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This educational project concerns pupils in 2nd and 3rd -last- year of Baccalaureat in cookery and restaurant studies in our vocational school. Thanks to the project, they got the opportunity to do their work placements in European businesses. They realized how important the European open-mindedness is written in the official educational documents and to become a European worker as their future job requires such mobility. part 1: *8 pupils in 2nd year (Baccalaureat) did their 4-week work placement in Ireland thanks to a professional organism specialized in educational travelling and work placements ("Celtic Internships"). The pupils also had to follow English lessons. part 2: * 18 pupils in 3rd year (last year of Baccalaureat), 13 cooks and 5 waiters had the same opportunity to do their training experience abroad as it is written in French educational official documents. 3 cooks + 3 waiters went to Finland + 6 cooks went to Sweden and 4 cooks + 2 waitresses went to Ireland in January/February for their 4-week training experience in businesses chosen by our partners. As far as Finland is concerned, we had already worked with them for previous projects and could trust their choices of businesses for the work placements. We previously met our Swedish partners to speak about our expectances; we also visitet the restaurants and explained the managers and/or Head Chefs what the students could do. For Ireland, we had several visioconferences with the manager of the organism and we met the trainers to explain them our expectances when we introduced the trainee on the first day of internship. Goals of these mobilities: -the improvement of their linguistic skills -especially speaking + understanding-: they could practice in real conditions -the use of English as a professional language. - an improvement of their professional knowledge by practising and discovering new professional techniques. - improvement in developing autonomy and intercultural exchanges. - improvement in their motivation and confidence - giving them the opportunity to follow their studies During the mobilities, each partner-teacher in receiving schools always stayed in contact with the training pupils as well as the receiving businesses. The partner-teacher tutored our students in their professionnal training, in their daily life as well as in cultural activities. The tutors gave their phone numbers to the trainees and they also communicated via social networks (private group). The goals were settled in accordance with the foreign partners and according to the Frenh official educational expectances. The receiving country remained constantly in contact with the receiving businesses and the trainers, to remind them the aims established by the foreign teachers. The tutors regularly visited the trainees in their job placements. The results of such experiences for our pupils are: - the improvement of their professional skills by the discovery or use of different, innovating techniques. -the improvement of their linguistic skills as after 4 weeks of speaking and listening to English; even if the very first week was very difficult for their brains, they quickly improved their daily and professional communication abilities. we cannot say that after 4 weeks, they are fluent but they feel more confident in speaking and are more autonomous in English. They also realised that their levels were lower than other foreign students speaking English ! - this autonomy in English is necessary for their future jobs, especially in our geographic area (the French Riviera) where there are many tourists and where the waiters are in constant contact with foreigners -the improvement for job opportunities abroad : the way they adapted during these experiences will allow them to be ready for job opportunities in France, Europe or even farther. They are aware that good job opportunities may be abroad are several of them were offered a summer job or the opportunity to come back by their foreign trainers as their professional skills were very appreciated. - a better occupational integration: 17 students have a summer job before the results of their exams. One student will spend the summer abroad to get intensive English lessons to become fluent because English is necessary for his studies and future job. - by improving their autonomy and the use of a foreign language, these pupils were more confident for their exams and got brilliant results in their diploma (professional baccalauréat). - these pupils have now the level to follow their studies after their baccalaureat diploma *6 have registered to study in BTS (2-year post-bac diploma): 4 have already received a positive answer even before the results of the exam and the last 2 are on the waiting list. *4 have registered to study a 1-year option of their speciality (MC : complementary mention) As a conclusion, this ERAMUS + Mobility was successful for our students
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