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Training in Europe to increase life skills and Employability of VET learNers
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Training in Europe to increase to life skills and Employability of VET learners" (VET-TEEN) is presented by a consortium made up of public inter-VET: IISS Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa (Montefiascone), IIS Stendhal (Civitavecchia) and ISIS Francesco Orioli (Viterbo), in partnership with 13 companies and intermediary training from five countries in Europe (UK, Malta, Spain, France and Ireland). The Institutes, supported by the stakeholders of the various areas involved, have built a Consortium with the primary purpose of creating a permanent placement service within schools, to accompany the students in the labour market through an international internship and certification of skills acquired. The context in which is born the project proposal consists of territories linked by a territorial continuity, with a shared history that refers to the ancient Etruria, as well as a touristic vocation. VET-TEEN aims to achieve the following objectives:1) increase the human capital of students and create more opportunities for employment, allowing continuous learning experience2) create a real placement service with the intention to reduce the time of entry into the world of work and increase the chances of finding a job in line with the studies carried out, affecting the containment of job mismatch3) spread the use of Europass and the use of EQARF indicators, to promote the development of mobility in the EU and ensure the legibility and visibility of qualifications and skills acquired, by increasing quality and transparency.The target group of beneficiaries is represented by the students of class III and IV of the three institutions, with the following broad professional specialization:Technical for TourismCAT - Construction Environment and TerritoryMaintenance and Technical SupportCommercial Services / Administration, Finance and MarketingHealth and Social ServicesTextile production- fashionall united by a personal background similar in age and degree of maturity reached and a background of professional training, in accordance with the characteristics of areas of specialization.VET-TEEN is structured into three general stages:1. Preparation, that consists in the selection of participants and organization of preliminary meetigsThe preparation of the participants is structured in a minimum of 4 meetings during the month preceding each flow starts, in detail:- 2016: from 15/06 to 15/07 for departures scheduled for 15/07; from 15/07 to 15/08 for departures scheduled for 15/08;- 2017: from 15/05 to 15/06 for departures scheduled for 15/06; from 15/06 to 15/07 for departures scheduled for 15/07; from 15/07 to 15/08 for departures scheduled for 15/08The preparatory meetings will address issues relating to risk prevention, intercultural knowledge and deepening linguistic, logistical details.2. Implementation, that is the organization of 215 internships lasting 30 days at partner companies or selected by the intermediaries to carry on at the end of the school year 2015-2016 (86 placements) and the school year 2016-2017 (129 placements).3. Evaluation / Dissemination / Follow up, from October 2017 to May 2018VET-TEEN aims to achieve ambitious learning outcomes which relate to both the formal sphere (language skills and expertise in the sector of integration) as, above all, the life skills (eg. To learn how behave in an organizational/enterprise context, which formal and informal "codes" must be respected, how building up relations with colleagues and superiors, greater awareness of their abilities and limits, gained autonomy in learning doing, relational competence and self-marketing, etc.)The VET-TEEN project will have a significant impact on students participating, the sending organization and the school communities, the host companies and indirect target groups (families, stakeholders). The project will have a major impact in creating a new generation of European citizens, professionals and future entrepreneurs, which implies, in a not too distant future, a greater capacity for the whole of Europe out of the crisis, creating jobs and stimulating innovation and competitiveness.
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