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Training, Human Resource, European Education 2015
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project THREE is addressed to 100 students of a network of Secondary schools located in the area called “Bassa Padovana”, in Veneto Region. The project is presented by a Consortium including the schools, companies, employers’ associations, workers’ organisations and local authorities. These technical and vocational schools have an articulated educational offer, where professional profiles have been identified to include in the project as they are coherent with the project reference themes. The project is aimed at 4th and 5th year students (that is the final cycle of studies of upper secondary education). The mobility will take place in different phases from May to September 2016 and will last five weeks. The macro area of vocational reference relates to the industry including from the typical agro-food production to the integrated touristic products. The focus is given to services, including those aimed at personal care and wellness. The same macro area includes marketing and administration functions and the integration of cross-curricular competences in the linguistic field as well as in the management of the territory. The reference contexts are characterized by the economy affected by the strong impact of economic and financial crisis in terms of decrease in jobs. At the same time, statistic surveys highlight the difficulty of small companies to modify behaviours and organization models. This is due to very rooted historic and cultural conditioning which limit the necessary innovation processes. In addition, genre and ethnic stereotypes are still persistent and the female candidates are the most affected by employment difficulties. In this context, one of the project goals is to enhance the relationships with “the other”, either at genre, cultural or origin level. A mature and open approach towards intercultural is one of the key elements to trigger revitalization processes and new employments creation on new basis. These will be closely linked to the territory potentialities, but also looking at the possibilities offered by the internationalization, both in the Tourism and in the commercial exchange. On the professional level the goals of the project concern the reinforcement of the knowledge of foreign languages, linked, above all, to the language for special purposes of the different reference contexts and the growth of knowledge and technical competences that are a spur also for new work organization models. The young will experience abroad the contact with different cultures that let them start synergies and cooperation processes and acquire innovative organizational models at social content, to recreate the operational context of reference. The learning outcomes in terms of acquired competences will be assessed and validated by applying the ECVET procedures to make them recognition. The internships will take place in companies operating in the specific professional fields in Germany, France, UK, Ireland and Spain. The quantitative, qualitative and methodological results of the project will be shared among the participants partners of the network, during all the period of the project by using the web and IT tools and they will be presented during a final seminar to local institutions and to companies of the territory , and at the same time Europass Mobility will be given to the participants.
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