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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Especially the extension of the European Union requires more mobility and intercultural skills than ever before. Our domestic and foreign business locations as well as the labor market itself need interculturally skilled and internationally deployable employees. At the same time participants should receive attractive development opportunities in the international labor market. Furthermore when interacting with different cultures especially young people can develop their personal skills in a good way and become more open-minded. Important requirements for a successful cooperation in a multinational company like extending the personal horizon, getting self-organized and developing social skills can be achieved here. Within Daimler AG, every apprentice as well as every instructor has the opportunity to participate in the exchange program. In the upcoming funding period 85 apprentices and 15 instructors will be dispatched for an assignment that lasts between 3 to 6 weeks (apprentices) or up to 5 days (educational staff) of time. The ambition is to dispatch apprentices in the second or third year of their apprenticeship in order to ensure a certain amount of expertise. These assignments take place in the different occupational fields on the one hand as well as in different specialist fields in foreign places on the other hand. In advance, the training contents are determined together with the position responsibles in the home country and also abroad. Instructors from different professional groups take part in the dispatch of educational staff. Through hospitation stays like for example Job-shadowings, these instructors are allocated to the respecitve position responsibles. Already before the actual project takes part, the participants are strongly involved in the project preparation. Through the formation of project groups one can make sure that the tasks are equally distributed and the self-reliance of each and every participant is demanded. During their stay abroad, all participants have a contact person both on site and in the home country. The direct contact person on site accompanies and supports the participants in the execution of the project task or the work assignment. During the stay abroad, the position responsible controls the learning agreement and afterwards the position responsible in the home country does the same. With this kind of approach, we boost the participant`s own initiative as well as their ability of responsibility. Additionally the participants are sensitized and strengthened for further cross-cultural experiences. Especially in a business organization that operates internationally, cross-cultural competence is highly asked for. We put a special focus on the integration of stays abroad into the whole vocational training as well as a really good preparation which is mostly taken by the participants themselves. The experiences from one project serve as a base for continuous improvement management with regard to upcoming stays abroad. On a national and international level we can both enhance the attractiveness of the vocational training at Daimler AG and proclaim the dual system in foreign countries.
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