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Training for Forest Monitoring and Audit

The project aims to provide training in forestry monitoring and auditing in order to support the implementation of EU policy on forest conservation and environmental protection. To achieve these goals, project partners will develop a multimedia training package which will include background information on European and country-specific frameworks in consideration of forestry development and protection and a training methodology for the implementation of appropriate training in forest monitoring and auditing. Training modules will be established with three different sets of users in mind; namely: professionals wishing to increase their knowledge base, university students & VET students. Modules, covering subjects such as an overview of ecosystem diversity and the health of trees, will be taught in different ways to the different target groups with each module designed around case studies. All modules will then be developed into a multimedia training package (to include a support manual), which will be piloted on each of the target groups in each country. Potential course participants will be contacted to take part in the training and those who successfully complete the training will receive certification. Participants will be asked to provide feedback on the training received. It is intended that the project have an ongoing dissemination process throughout its lifetime. A project website will advertise the project and will be regularly updated as the project progresses. Project partners will endeavour to approach potential project users during the course of the project, including decision makers and local media will be regularly informed on the project's development.

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