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Training en uitwisselingsprogramma Clubhuizen Nederland
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cordaan and Kwintes have the ambition to innovate their activities centres for people with a psychiatric background toto Club houses that work according to the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) as designed by the Fountainhouse method of the Clubhouse. This (evidence-based) way of working; including the side-by-side work by staff and members, the work-order day and Employement-the Transitional program ask a different way of thinking, working and organizing at all levels. Club houses in Europe, are United in ' Clubhouse Europe '. From Club House Europe is a training program developed (EMPAD training) where new Clubhouse members and staff are trained in one of the 5 accredited club houses. They learn and experience how a clubhouse works, what important conditions are and how this work contributes to the process of recovery of people with a psychiatric background. From all levels: members, staff and organization is the Clubhouse work highlighted. Exchange in an international context is important to , regardless of locale circumstances, learn from each other. Club House Europe and ICCD (the international organization) maintain a network in which developments in the field, new insights and methods are shared and developed Both Kwintes as Cordaan: want to join this international movement with her day care centers, because the way we work not only supports the vision of Recovery it fits also wel within the new framework of the WMO, which from 1 January 2015 will be effected. Cordaan and Kwintes would like to, sent 10 participants, 4 staff members and 6 members, to the EMPAD training in Stockholm and Munich. The participants from Kwintes and Cordaan, are selected from the daytime activities centres whom are transforming into a clubhouse. Depending on the training demand from the members, staff and organization, they will be selected so, that each training participants question will be represented. At the end of the training, each participant will have a plan to transform his/her location to a clubhouse. The Group of participants will, beyond the borders of their own location and organization, maintain contact with each other and act as ambassadors to promote and support the typical Club work. The clubhouse Model, with its long tradition (started in 1948 the first clubhouse in New York) integrates seamlessly into this vision and mission. Cordaan and Kwintes find each other especially in the challenge to this movement in the form of a large organization with multiple functions and tasks. Cooperation and exchange of knowledge, strategies and experience are important instruments to that unruly process in such a large organization get moving. In addition, the clubhouse and work with the upcoming budgetcuts n the mental health care-care , is that a good side-effect. Of participants in the training are expected to, after training, to share their experiences on their own location by a presentation for all members of the clubhouse. The participants are deemed that they have formulated a concrete goal on the basis of the training where they want to go to work immediately in the development of the clubhouse working on their location. They are also able to convince the higher leadership in the Organization and advise on the development of the club house-work.The club houses come together at national level it is the club houses in development of Kwintes and Cordaan and clubhouse the Water Hill. They shall exchange knowledge and experience with each other and maintain close contact with Clubhouse Europe.Clubhouse-Europe has set itself the target of halving in order to develop multiple Club houses in Europe. They support this club houses in their development.
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