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Training course " Sustainable development in everyday youth NGO life.
Start date: Aug 2, 2010,

Volunteers' Centre of Vojvodina & Nature Conservation Movement (VCV [ ) : |^| | ||||1 training course in close cooperation with South East European Youth NetWbrk.-ÎT lij'fgi^Jj^^ place in Ecological Centre Sremski Karlovci, located in Vojvodina, Serbia; It wH f|l!Íef^K5 participants from 20 Programme and South East Europe partner countries ." ''' :. .::£| |||| | |The training course is aiming at awareness raising on the potential that youth !^!environmental protection and sustainable development. Furthermore, we aim to improve ciüä|it|ii|youth organisations in their engagement with environmental issues. '"; The main theme of the project is what youth organisation can do to contribute to sustainable- development and environmental protection. This theme will be discussed and analysed during training course on several levels - how can we improve our environmental actions, how our activities and regular work can have effects on environment, what is relation between cultures and sustainable development and what can we do together to make an impact.We will base training programme and methodology on European youth trainings practice, also presenting other possible approaches. Trainers will build programme around inputs, experiential learning and lot of practice. Another important feature of this training course will be self directed learning process of participants. Intercultural learning will focus on attitudes of people towards environment in different cultures. Added value of this training will be the possibility for participants to share their practice about environmentally friendly management and environmental projects with local youth organisations and visitors of the ecological manifestation "Novi Sad Autumn". Participants will act as multipliers after the training course and they will advocate in their organisations to implement environmentally friendly management, activities and actions.

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