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Training Course on Alternative Conflict Resolution in Youth Projects
Start date: Aug 19, 2016, End date: Dec 18, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

‘CONNECTORS 2.0’ is an 9 days training course for 35 youth workers, activist, volunteer from 13 countries that aims to equip them with a set of professional tools and methods that can help support dialogue, integration and cooperation despite boundaries in youth projects. Intercultural barriers, issues in communication, lack of understanding of interests, radicalisation and focus only on their own benefits are positions more and more often represented by youth, especially in international field. The so called ‘migration crisis’ and extremisms arising in different part of Europe are showing that youth is very prone to conflicts. Young people representing different cultural backgrounds are often not able to communicate efficiently that leads to tensions and conflicts. Unfortunately, youth workers are not equipped with tools that can help them intervene in such disputes – they are not able to facilitate conflicts and encourage the flow of communication and mutual dialogue.During the project ‘CONNECTORS 2.0 – training course on alternative conflict resolution in youth projects’ we will focus on Alternative Dispute Resolution methods – such as negotiation and mediation – and their use in youth projects. Youth workers will have a chance to develop their competences in multicultural communication and adjust them to the realities of conflicts and disputes. participants will learn how to identify various types of conflicts (conflict of values, generations, structures, relations, access to information etc.) arising on multicultural background and will explore different methods of resolving them. They will have a chance to participate in professional training on negotiation and mediation – tools effectively use in international relations and business that can be adapted to the needs of young people and support their cooperation and mutual understanding. The training will be focused on practice and simulations in order to provide the best learning environment and to enable participants to experience different conflict that can arise in their daily work. The whole training will have a form of a field game simulating a real-life scenario of a conflict taking place in imaginary land of Atlantis. The participants will represent different parties to the dispute and through the series of workshops and lectures learn how to approach and resolve it. They will develop both theoretical (such as strategic planning) and practical skills (i.e. public speaking, conducting a successful mediation, negotiating in extreme conditions). The scenario will be a chance for the participants to learn and practice different communication strategies (one-on-one, multilateral, during assemblies) with accordance to decision making procedures in their communities, countries and European Union. They will also be challenged to resolve contemporary issues that are present in European policy to demonstrate the importance of thoughtful argumentation and understanding. During the whole game participants will be assisted by professionals in the field of negotiation and mediation.As a result the group of participants will be sufficiently prepared to serve as social mediators and facilitators in conflicts arising on the intercultural background. In a long run the project will contribute to raising awareness on the topics of dialogue of cultures, radicalization and the importance of creating methods to support the process of communication. It will also contribute to acknowledgment of mediation as a tool in youth work and international relations.
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