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Training Course "Female power against poverty and gender marginalization"
Start date: Aug 1, 2010,

When we mention poverty we think about low income, when it is actually much more under neat it. It is also a lack of power, and more important, a lack of choice. The reality says that unequal power relations are present everywhere with no matter If it is about rich or poor country and they are based on gender, class, age, ethnicity, and disability. But above all, gender based discriminations, dominate them ali and create double oppression for already many women and girts and therefore they end up as poorest of the poor.In order for changes to be made, this training course will give different tools, methods, skills and knowledge to youth workers and volunteers on how to multiply and raise the awareness for the importance of women's rights being at the forefront of the fight against poverty.The participants together with their organizations after the 7 days training course will be empowered to act as fighters for women's rights and make a wave of challenging the old behavior of violence against women.

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