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Training and support for foster parents in Europe

The European partnership between one Hungarian, one Polish, one Swedish, one Romanian and two French institutions of child protection was made possible by the existence of a durable and professional European network developped by the Council Councils of Heves, Covasna, Varmland, Prezmysl and Loire Atlantique. The project focuses on practices to train and support foster parents in Europe, in a context where they practise a professional job which requires very important and growing skills. Indeed, the child protection is subjected to national reforms in the European Union which lead the institutions of child protection to permanently reconsider the interests of the parents and their children. and by consequence they must think of new manners supporting them, in particular with the services provided by foster parents. Our partnership, involving foster parents, social workers and directors, organized exchanges of experience and practices during 2 years so as to improve the organization of the services of foster parents and to improve their support and training. One another important stake of the project is to develop the recruitment of new candidates to become foster parents.The results of the European Grundtvig partnerhsip :- portfolio explaining the role, the tasks and competences of foster parents in Europe- presentation of child protection system and foster care in 5 European Union countries (Hungary, Poland,Sweden, Romania, France)- movies about foster care in the 5 countries- a dissemination seminar is organized in France in January 2012
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