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Start date: 01 Jan 2012,

Work related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a major source of illness and disability throughout the industrialized world. Workplace ergonomic interventions are one major way to prevent or control MSDs.One of these interventions is the Participatory Ergonomics (PE). PE consists of entailing all the different departments of the company in the process of diagnosis and solution of the ergonomics problems in workplace. PE interventions involve the development of Ergonomics Groups (EGs) consisting of participants from the management to worker level.The role of the Group Adviser (GA) is a key factor in PE sessions. Normally, the GA are OHS professionals and their functions and responsibilities when they lead an EG are not determined yet, but must take in charge the dynamization, moderation, facilitation, etc of the EG's information flow. Hence, this new profile requires a training that does not exist now. This training will be based on:-Ergonomics and specially PE.-Skills and abilities on leadership, dynamization, moderation, motivation, etc in order to guide all the components of the EG.This training requires a sound curriculum, able to transfer to the OHS professionals the knowledge and skillsthat they need.The objectives of the project are:-to define and develop a curriculum for the training, as an European standard, including a qualification andrecognition framework.-to define and develop a training system ICT based, as well as the corresponding training materials.-to deploy a pilot action, with the corresponding evaluation and readjustment of the previous results.The final result will be the PE-ABLE Course, addressed to obtain a right management of EGs at all type of companies. Itwill be available in English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Portuguese.The results of the project, besides their focus in OHS professionals, will be applicable to all type of companies (LE's and SME's) since the presence of MSDs are common between their employees.
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