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Trainees go abroad to look for new horizons 2
Start date: Feb 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Under the name of „trainees go abroad to look for new horizons2 ” the Berufliche Schulzentrum Schongau (Vocational School Center Schongau) in cooperation with its project partner - the ADC College in London - is organizing an international Erasmus+ mobility project this year for the second time. Thirty clerical trainees in industries such as bank, office, retail, wholesale, automobile and industry will get the chance to spend three weeks in London to experience firsthand life and work in this world-city. First of all the participants are going to take part in a one-week language course at the ADC College which is intended to broaden both their general and their professional language skills and take away their fears of communicating in a foreign language. After that the trainees are going to complete an internship of two weeks at selected London companies to encounter the British way of working in respective operating structures. Furthermore, the students are going to be accommodated with London guest families for their whole stay in England in order to get to know a wide spectrum of cultural aspects and practices of British lifestyle.The objectives of the project are to enlarge the international orientation of the Vocational School Center Schongau through a first European cooperation as well as to increase the attractiveness of the vocational training. Secondly, the project is aimed to improve the quality of school and tuition by combining theoretical contents with practical applications in an international environment. Through this stay in a foreign country the participating trainees are supposed to increase their English language skills and to improve their intercultural awareness for the interaction with people of a different nationality in both social and professional environment. Many of the German companies where our students are doing their training already have foreign customers and suppliers and expect from their employees to be able to communicate and interact accordingly so that they can be sent off to foreign assignments at their global plants. At the same time the participants should develop competences during their stay in Great Britain that are demanded by almost any employer today: Mobility, flexibility, self-reliance and open-mindedness for new challenges. By gaining these competences our students are meant to qualify for the European job market. We hope to train their European awareness and motivate them for further trainings of this kind after the completion of their vocational training. Above that, we expect that through this project our trainees will improve their learning skills and professional competences especially in the field of marketing. They will be given a specific work assignment on this topic namely to compare marketing strategies of German and British companies and asked to present the results accordingly. The outcomes are to be used by the teachers of the Vocational School Center Schongau for their various subjects such as English or marketing communication and collected materials e.g. flyers and leaflets could be used as visual aids in class. Furthermore, the participating companies where our students are doing their training as well as other local enterprises can use the results in order to reconsider their own marketing strategies and generate new ideas in the field of marketing communication. Finally, the fact that trainees take part in international projects might help participating companies to advertise training vacancies in the future.
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