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TrainCoDe - Developing senior human capital and promoting active aging through teaching and coaching

Today, demographic change is a global phenomenon resulting from two almost universal trends: declining fertility and increasing life expectancy. As a consequence most parts of the world will witness demographic aging. For Europe the demographic process above mentioned could cause a gradual shift from a society with quantitatively dominant younger cohorts to a society in which the elderly form a solid majority. The impact of this phenomenon on the labour market should be taken into account, and actions for enhancing a longer participation of elderly to the market arena should be put in place. The issue is becoming even more relevant under the light of the current economics crisis, which caused serious companies downsizing. Managers over 45 lose their job and despite their high level of qualification, were excluded from the labour market because of their age. While there have been significant policy initiatives at European and national levels concerned with age discrimination, the evidence indicates that these have yet to directly influence the behaviour of many employers. Nonetheless, elderly workers (both employees and retired), particularly those having managerial roles and experiences, could represent a relevant human asset for EU economy both inside companies, and outside them, as valuable source of inspiration and know how for those younger professionals and SMEs looking for advices. The target groups of the TrainCoDe project were: managers over 45 dropped out the labour market (both unemployed or retired), intermediaries (training organisations/business schools), companies, stakeholders supporting the organisations active in the VET sector. The project aimed at fostering the employability of managers over 45 by upskilling and exploiting their competencies in a new professional domain (training and consultancy processes). The project aims and objectives were achieved by transferring, customising and localising a training programme (Professional Faculty Programme) developed by ISTUD. The transfer and adaptation of the above mentioned training programme helped the intermediary organisations to provide unemployed and retired managers with a tailored training programme to support their reintegration in the labour market, addressing the issue of social and professional exclusion of elderly workers. At the same time the programme enhanced the exploitation of elderly managers experience in different contexts, thus facilitating the setting up of cross-fertilization processes among generations. The partnership applied 3P approach in transfer of know-how: PRODUCT (training programme/methodology/materials/tools) - PLACEMENT (adaptation to other countries, fine-tuning and testing) PERFORMANCE (development of capacity of trainers to work with the products in the partner countries). The partnership consisted of 5 experienced organizations coming from 4 EU countries.
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