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Train the trainer - Europejska akademia bezpiecznej jazdy: szkolenie zawodowe dla policji
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The realisation of project is an answer for recognized needs of training police officers from Municipal Police HQs in Lublin which started initiative of running the project on tactics and techniques of defensive driving.The road traffic safety is key element of police activities. The rising number of road users, who break road traffic rules generate necessity of constant protection of life and health. The police officer taking up road police interventions should get to road scene safely and quickly, no matter what weather conditions are, what is psycho-physical state of a person and the possessed equipment. In many cases in pursuit of the road pirate, police officers risk their life and health as well as the other road users. Therefore, the police officers should have not only the substantial knowledge in the domain of technique and tactics of safe defensive driving, including emergency police cars but most of all, police officer should have the practical skills which demand constant learning, exchange of experience and using the elaborated models of effective teaching. Learning through job shadowing of foreign police instructors during running trainings and possibility of taking active participation in these trainings are most effective forms of learning. Project aims to exchange knowledge and experiences and improve the competences in scope of methodology of police training through organization of educational mobility for 12 representatives of the staff responsible for the training of the Lublin police garrison officers, in cooperation with Berlin Police and Cluj-Napoca Police Inspectorate from April, 2016 to May 2016.It also includes preparation of project participants to the mobilities, and after that running the cascade training with summing up seminar for Lublin police officers dealing with road traffic safety with participation of foreign experts and representatives cooperating with Lublin police in domain of road traffic. In 5 days long mobilities there will participate 2 groups ( 6 persons each), each of them will go to another partner country. The main objective of the project is to improve quality and effectiveness of the vocational training of Lublin police as well as vocational police training on national and European level. The specific objectives are:• improvement of competences and skills of the police officers in the scope of vocational training thanks to the participation in the educational mobilities• introducing the innovative practice learned abroad to the methodology of trainings and use of the innovative training materials elaborated as results of the project implementation• improvement of language competences and intercultural awarness of the project’s participants • facilitating the professional development of police officers through participation non educational mobilities and cascade training• supporting institutional development of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Lublin through the improvement of the methods and techniques of the vocational training• development of the co-operation between the project’s partners. Acquiring new knowledge and exchange of experiences with police from other countries in scope of innovative solutions concerning the methodology of training and tactic and technique of defensive driving, including emergency cars will enable to the Lublin police officers learn and then to teach and share acquired knowledge on regional level (cascade training with summing up seminar), on the national level (seminar summing up the project) and on the European and international level (participation of 2 EU member countries, report sent to the liaison officers of foreign police forces accredited in Poland). It will improve the quality of the police vocational training, the effectiveness of the police work and in long term perspective it will improve safety on the regional, national and European. Moreover the realization of the project will promote lifelong learning idea and Erasmus plus programme. The participants will get to know the systems of training and vocational training of police officers as well as methodology of running trainings in domain of: technique of defensive driving ( f.e. personal and non personal factors that influence the safety of driving, elements related to the correct technique of driving, activities to turn in safe way), tactics of the safe driving ( f.e. the rules of safety, recognizing the road threats, adjusting the style of driving to conditions on roads, “reading” the route, anticipating road behaviours and preserving the safe distance to other car, avoiding the risk and minimalization of the risk results on each step of threatening situation, taking up quick decisions and shaping the correct reactions), methodology and didactics of teaching ( f.e. adequate preparation of participants to the practical training on the maneuvers field, rules of safety, shaping the responsible participant of road traffic)

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