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Train Sail Training
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Oct 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Sail Training Ireland (Lead Organisations) is the National Sail Training Organisation of Ireland and a Charity with youth development at its core. Our partners in this Erasmus + “Mobility of Youth Workers” project are 4 organisations from Ire, the UK, Spain and Portugal. The main activity is taking place in September in Greenwich, London and will be 3 days in duration (plus travel). The project is supported financially by our umbrella organisation Sail Training International. We and S.T.I. are convinced that many more organisations, both Sail Training organisations and Youth Work organisations, across Europe could be running Erasmus + youth exchange projects that harness sail training as a platform for non formal learning every year. There is very strong potential for increasing the number of young people, from all backgrounds that have the opportunity to benefit from this unique experience.We are also convinced that the Erasmus + framework and the structure of these projects brings great benefits to Sail Training and increases the impact that our programmes have on the personal and group development of our young participants.We have successfully run 10 Youth in Action / Erasmus + projects since 2012. Sail Training is a fun and exciting adventure, which has a profound impact on the lives of participants. “Trainees” take part in voyages at sea on tall ships and large yachts during which they become part of the working crew. This experience provides an excellent environment for personal and social development. It is not so much learning to sail as learning from sailing, from the vessel, the sea and most importantly from yourself and each-other. It is a medium for education outside the classroom, a non-formal approach where the emphasis is on learning through experience. Sail Training Ireland is the Irish member of the global umbrella organisation Sail Training International, a past nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize for their work with young people. Sail Training International’s Mission: “Our purpose is the development and education of young people through the sail training experience, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, gender or social background.”Sail Training International has member organisations in 30 Countries around the world, with many EU countries represented. In partnership with Sail Training International we have developed a proposal to bring a number of these organisations together along with youth work professionals with whom they work. The project will focus on the development of Erasmus + projects, partnership building and sharing of experience and learning with regards to harnessing the Sail Training experience as a medium for youth work and Erasmus + projects. The outcome, we hope, will be more projects being run annually across Europe with multiple partnerships being formed.Participating organisations will:• Develop an understanding of youth work and structured non-formal education.• Develop a greater understanding of the value of Sail Training as a medium for youth work and the development of life-skills.• Sail Training Organisations will learn the importance of having youth work professionals as a partner in their projects. • For these relationships to be formed through this project and partnerships built.• For participants to return home with the knowledge and experience to develop Erasmus + projects using Sail Training as platform for educational programmes focusing on youth work and youth development and having their own specific learning objectives.It is through sharing this experience and knowledge that we will empower more organisations to understand their role within the youth work field and start transnational youth work with their young people through youth exchanges and the Erasmus+ programme.. Through this initial project we will develop a quality seminar that can be repeated over time to expand the number of organisations applying for Erasmus + projects.
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