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TRAIN-KOSOZIAL - training and transfer of competences of Social Informatics on the base of EVAS in professional education of pedagogical employees working in youth and child care services

The expectations towards an academization of educational support are connected to an expansion of the aspiration for qualification of pedagogical professionals in the field of social work. In view of this fact, the traditional training at schools of professional and higher education needs to be updated with new curricular contents and professional profiles to match the new demands of this field of work. The main goal of the ongoing development and professionalization of pedagogical jobs should be achieved by adapting curricular contents and profiles regarding Social Informatics in educational institutions to the demands of the field of work. This means that a tool specifically developed for this task (EVAS) has been custom-fit to the specific profiles of demand of the partner countries, and that programs for (further) education of pedagogical professionals will be adapted to the standards of Social Informatics. Therefore, the project’s approach could be described as taking place on three levels: 1) First, new contents were included in the pre-existing curricula for the training of social workers and child/youth care workers to adapt those to the demands of pedagogical professionals for EDP-aided documentation and quality development. 2) New teachers at professional schools as well as 3) professionals for educational support were extra-occupationally qualified in this field of work.

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