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Traditions and Innovations in the Vocational Education

The project aimed to study, compare and analyse the traditional and innovative aspects of the vocational education in all its levels in both regions of Sliven, Bulgaria and Manisa, Turkey. The first year it focused on the community of vocational schools, local authorities and other educational organizations, related to the vocational education. The second year the project was opened to the “outside world” – sector companies, regional executive bodies and different organizations that are not in the area of educational system, but are related or dependant of the vocational education. After exploring the vocational system of the partner regions, the project teams proposed ideas and solutions to solve the problems and shared best, interesting and new practices in the process of vocational education.The target group of the project were students from vocational schools, students with special needs undergoing vocational qualification, vocational teachers, headmasters of vocational schools, local managers and inspectors from the educational authorities, employees from educational institutions authorized to implement non-formal education and in-service trainings. During the project the beneficiaries acquired a better view and understanding of the system of vocational education, attended different courses to increase their professional and foreign language competences, had the opportunity to present their organizations in a better way and to more people from the local and partner communities.The project improved the tolerance, understanding and partnership not only between the students of the different vocational schools, these children and the children with special needs, but also between the teachers, the headmasters, the inspectors, the municipality and other local authorities. It also improved the tolerance and understanding at an international level.

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