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Traditional crafts

Project traditional crafts wanted to remind the young generation the beauty of traditional crafts and does not want most of the traditional crafts fell into oblivion. The words combination "golden craft" has historically been hold and we would like to realized to young generation in the time full of computers and HI-technology. We wanted to show our students the original crafts, familiarize them with the history of traditional crafts (for example: miller, blacksmith, miner, wood carver, tinker, cobbler, basket maker, weaver, dowser, strap maker, hatter, milliner, lace maker etc.) in various countries and regions, and to highlight their advantages and their benefits to society.There is also the chance for special needs students. They can learn skills through traditional crafts that will give them better and wider opportunity in the labor market as well. Our project covered mainly history, geography, metal and wooden work, english language etc
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