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TRAC - Training of Project Managers in Clean Technologies Promotion in the Balkans

TRAC will develop realistic training and further promote the 'clean technologies' concept for specific sectors of personnel working in the development of new investment projects or working on rehabilitation / restructuring projects for the Central and Eastern European economy.The project will implement a series of technological, economic, organisation and production methods leading to enhanced technological efficiency, the alleviation of noxious emissions and improved public health, through courses of complementary and ICT-based training and education. Activities will include: the promotion of the 'clean technologies' concept (through training of trainers courses, the training of managers and researchers, the promotion of Social dialogue and the creation of an information and communication e-network); the reduction of the present gap in the field of 'clean technologies' between EU and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe; the improvement of individual and collective skills of management in energy-intensive and highly polluting industrial units as regards 'clean technologies'.The outputs of the project will comprise training curricula, printed & electronic (CD-Rom) courses, a project website on 'clean technologies' and an interactive e-module bringing together relevant sector stakeholders. All end products will be made available in EN, RO, BG & SL and will be further promoted through the development of a series of dissemination and information materials (printed and electronic materials, leaflets, posters and CD-Rom).
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