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Trabajando la competencia lingüística y comunicativa
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PROJECT CONTEXT The Marshes Tinto school is a nursery school and primary with a great desire for renewal and updating. It is a new center located on the outskirts of a town in the province of Huelva, southern Andalusia. It has a belonging to a sociocultural level of medium-low multicultural students. The cloister is formed by a group of teachers / young people mostly and very involved in school life. The CEIP marshes Tinto has made a clear commitment to educational innovation, based primarily on the implementation of new technologies and learning of languages. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS The project called "WORKING THE linguistic and communicative competence" is aimed at primary teachers. We propose the following mobilities: • 2 members of the management team. • 3 members of the bilingual center team: 1 teacher / specialist English, one teacher / a in Spanish Language and 1 teacher / a bilingual education. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES The plans of our organization consist of performing three different structured courses on the various issues we have detected that are necessary to improve. To do this, a small group of teachers from our center made mobility responsible for receiving this training. Subsequently, these teachers / as will extend to other colleagues the knowledge and skills acquired through training sessions. Thus, the training received in these courses will be implemented throughout the center, resulting in teachers, our students and our school community. The training activities most necessary and interesting for our project will aim to: • Improve English proficiency of the participants. • Update the teaching of other subjects through English. • Learn the basic methodology CLIL from the European dimension. • Get materials and resources to improve language skills. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF RESULTS The skills that must be acquired or improved by the participants are closely related training activities in which they participate. In general, seeks an improvement in teaching skills, especially linguistic competence. Also expected to promote a new mindset that encourages them to participate in future European projects involving openness to Europe. With the activities planned training aims to: improve English proficiency, learn basic methodology CLIL and acquire the skills necessary to develop materials and resources to improve our programs. Moreover, these activities get CLIL strategies to teach English as a second language. EXPECTED IMPACT With respect to IMPACT, we have established measurable criteria and appearing on a "signature" which will be published on the website of the center, and described into action in the short, medium and long term. In the short term, we expect an update of the teaching methodology used in the teaching-learning and designing a template for developing updated AICLEs units. In the medium and long term we expect an increase motivation both students and teachers and improved outcomes related to speech and language comprehension. To verify this measurements will be posted on the website of the center, blogs class and the magazine of the center will be made. CONTEMPLATE AN INTERNAL EXTERNAL DISSEMINATION AND OUTREACH PROJECT. Regarding the INTERNAL RELEASE, will make training sessions in which participants inform and advise the rest of the companions / as on the methodology and skills acquired. This will be done over several sessions, so that each participant expose the contents of the course they attended. Thus we have different approaches to complementary themes. Regarding the EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION, we will briefings for parents from the center, in order to inform them about new methodological changes to be carried out in the center. Local radio and television will be used to disseminate content, skills, knowledge. We also use web school, blogs of different classes and social networks. Information sessions will be devoted to the various centers of the city and / or province who may be interested. Participate in training courses organized by the Centre teachers to share our experience. THE POSSIBLE LONG TERM BENEFITS The most significant impact of the training is directly related to updating and improving our teaching programs and our educational project to incorporate AICLEs units to date. This will lead to the Sustainability of our project and allow finding long-term improvement in future results of our students.
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