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TPBLeap Creative Futures

TPBLeap- Creative Futures is intended to address these issues by transferring the previously developed material to these new areas of technology and by expanding the curriculum to train trainers to use such technologies and to serve new target groups in events production and theatre development. It is also the intention of the TPBLeap- Creative Futures project to transfer the curriculum designed and created in The Performance Bridge to a flexible e-learning environment. It is the intention of TPBLeap- Creative Futures to design “elasticity” into the package which will enable it to take advantage of the ever developing web based technologies and the content to be revised in the light of new standards and teaching needs.While the project will use the existing curriculum of The Performance Bridge, ultimately the aim is to develop an integrated package of e-learning tools which can serve other contents/curricula, for example tourism, architecture, engineering, health care workers, communications, health and safety, driving test theory( taxi, road haulage).
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