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Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project focuses on the internationalisation and modernisation of a Cypriot national consortium of adult training providers (6 providers are included in the consortium). More specifically, the providers are interested in improving the services they offer as well as for preparing themselves for the internationalisation. The development plan identified consisted of development of the members of the national consortium in three main areas: 1. European Dimension: Through participation in a course the providers were able to align their curricula with EQF and to assign credits in accordance to ECVET. 2. Strategic management and internationalisation. Through participation in a course the providers were able to take decisions and make actions that will lead their organisations to modernisation and internationalisation. Social media is a cheap and effective way to proceed with internationalisation and this was a key element they focused on. 3. Development of trainers/coaches/mentors and other staff. This activity included different courses for the trainers/tutors/mentors/coaches of the sending organization as well as other staff . The following were included in this activity: -development of the cultural competence- due to the cancellation of the relevant courses in cultural competence the consortium has changed this activity into stress free class rooms. -mentoring and coaching -career advice and employment issues -business English The project involved 10 mobilities in total. Originally 9 mobilities had been approved and the consortium managed with the same budget to implement ten mobilities. Participants include: - managers and department heads of adult training providers with more than 10 years of experience, academic credentials, approved HRDA trainers - trainers/mentors/coaches (junior and senior) delivering classroom training as well as implementing placement programmes and apprenticeship. Most of the trainers that have participated in the project were approved trainers by the Human Resource Development Authority. The following mobilities have been implemented A. EUROPEAN DIMENSION Two trainers participated in the workshop EQF and ECVET B STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND INTERNATIONALISATION Two trainers (one of them managing director and trainer) participated in the workshop SOCIAL MEDIA AND INTERNATIONALISATION C. DEVELOPMENT OF TRAINERS/COACHES/MENTORS AND OTHER STAFF. One trainer (and department manager) participated in the workshop STRESS FREE SCHOOLS AND CLASSROOMS One trainer (and managing director) participated in the workshop CAREER ADVICE AND EMPLOYMENT ISSUES One trainer participated in the workshop FLUENCY AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT FOR TEACHERS Three trainers (&managing directors) participated in the workshop COACHING SKILLS The project was structured in 3 phases: During the preparation phase the agreements were prepared. Preparatory meetings were organised for participants attending the same course and logistics were handled During the implementation phase the mobilities were implemented During the follow up phase different actions of evaluation have been implemented (evaluation forms and meetings) The impact of the project for the national consortium is their modernization and internationalization. More specifically the training providers will: 1. add new courses to their curricula (social media, coaching, eqf and ecvet for other training providers) 2. add new services to their offerings such as executive coaching 3. add new channels of communication with their learners (social media) 4. improve the quality of the courses they provide especially the work based trainings 5. align themselves with the European Principles of EQF and ECVET thus making themselves more attractive to the EUmarket Additionally, their staff is more competent now, having developed several transversal competences that will help them to improve as trainers & managers: 1. Improvement of cultural awareness and intercultural communication 2. Development of an open attitude towards and respect for diversity of cultural expression 3. Improvement of knowledge on different training tools &techniques through the participation in training courses from the view of the participant (not the trainer) and through interaction with other international participants 4.Improvement of their training skills through observation of other trainers However, the project is expected to have impact on other adult education providers in Cyprus &abroad that may decide to participate in a similar project. Learners will also benefit from the results of this project since they will receive better courses from well trained trainers as well as better experience from improved quality of the providers. Internationalization of adult education providers will bring financial benefits for Cyprus & will promote the Cyprus culture in Europe. Additionally through dissemination more people will learn about ERASMUS+ &the possibilities it offers
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