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Towards Joint Management of the Transboundary Gauja/Koiva River Basin District (Gauja/Koiva)
Start date: Jun 30, 2011, End date: Jun 29, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Joint standards and plan for managing the water quality and resources of the Gauja/Koiva River, shared by Latvians and Estonians – this is the goal for cooperation among Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology, Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Biology Institute of Latvian University, Baltic Environmental Forum in Estonia and Latvia, Tallinn Technological University and Estonian University of Life Sciences. Achievements: In the frame of project the following publications and reports have been elaborated:A leaflet with the basic information about the project, its aims, main activities and partners.A map with basic facts about the Gauja/Koiva river basin district. This is wider audience targeted informative material, elaborated into 2 languages in parallel: Latvian and Estonian.A brochure on water uses: The aim of the brochure is to give information and a comparative overview on main water uses on Estonian and Latvian side of the river basin and to promote sustainable use of water. Brochure is available in Latvian and Estonian languages.A brochure on water pressures: The brochure would like to tell to the reader, what are main pressures in the Gauja/Koiva river basin, how significant they are, what are differences between the Latvian and Estonian sides, and, what is probably most important, suggest some ideas for more environmentally friendly behavior. Brochure is available in Latvian and Estonian languages.A brochure on water quality: In this brochure an overview on the water quality in the whole Gauja River basin district, which includes river basins of the Gauja and Salaca and their tributaries, as well as smaller river basins of the Vidzeme region, which flow directly into the sea is provided. Brochure is available in Latvian and Estonian languages.Information stands "The Gauja River on the both sides if the border": Stands include information about the water resources in the transboundary area as well as interesting facts and figures about nature, humans and water quality in Gauja River basin. Stands are available in Latvian and Estonian languages.Latvian and Estonian experts elaborated 6 case studies on Gauja/Koiva river to demonstrate criteria for point and diffuse pollution sources and hydromorphological changes in water bodies.A Report on proposed cost-effective measures for reducing the pressure on the water bodies in Gauja/Koiva basin in both countries.A Report on assessment of the quality status of the transboundary water bodies (coastal, lakes, rivers) in Gauja/Koiva river basin districts.A Report on applying the new approaches and developing new assessments for the Gauja/Koiva basin in both countries.Latvian and Estonian experts developed methodologies for economic analysis for the river basin management planning.Publications and reports are available under:
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  • 2007 - 2013 Estonia - Latvia (EE-LV)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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