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Towards an Internationalisation of Higher Education Network for MEDA Region (TIES)
Start date: Jan 15, 2010,

The project has as its main objective to "develop institutional capacity in the area of internationalisation for MEDA country institutions through the transfer of know-how, managerial capacities and good practice for the management or IROs (International Relations Offices)". Specifically, the project aims to develop an internationalisation culture through regional actions; provide appropriate knowledge and means and methods to improve internationalisation actions of MEDA partner country institutions; and create a recognised regional network for internationalsation for good practice transfer.The project partnership is comprised of 3 European partners wth expertise in institutional internationalisation (UA, UPMF, and TUGM) and 12 partners from the MEDA region, hailing from Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Lebanon (2 per country). All seek to improve theirinternational relations management.The project includes different types of actions, including on-site observation sessions to European partners, human resources development for both top-level management (Strategic level) and IRO staff (Practical level), the development of strategic internationalisation plans for the participant institutions (with a period until 2015) and, the main output, a formalised regional network dedicated to internationalisation. All the activities are designed to be complementary and drive the participants towards a more innovative and united approach to internationalisation and the management of international relations, and also seek to improve the important regional, strategic and political dimensions that current practice lacks
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