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The partnership includes 4 vocational training organisms and 1 Association. All partners' activities are focused on training promotion, young and adult offenders and ex offenders inclusion and stability of employment, according to a strategy of integrated approach. The partnership agreed on adapting capabilities and key skills to support a European socio-professional approach for social and work inclusion by sharing tools to:- speed up the engagement of right answers in terms of long-term integration of vulnerable population groups or people having less opportunities;- support the transfer of educational innovative arrangements for partnership;- participate even in the future in favour of social mobility of workers within Europe.Professionals were given the opportunity to select a structure in Italy, France or in Slovakia through consulting a catalogue of structures operating along the chain of social and work insertion concerning the partnership. Italian and French partners, Techne and Cefal from Italy on one side, and Etcharry, ACJPB and Mission Locale from France on the other side, arranged mobilities jointly in separate time periods. This allowed to achieve two main objectives:- establish a stronger integration among local partners (forming a sort of local integrated network)- establish a stronger integration between local network with foreign local network. Choices of foreign strtuctures were made responsibly, taking into account local expectations and needs; that's the reason why mobilities from Italy and involving the two partners, Techne and Cefal, only interested France, as French structures better matched operators' interests. Relations within the partnership were strengthened through the collection and study of technical material and creation and the editing of a technical glossary related to the penitentiary system in four languages (Italian, French, Slovak and English) in cooperation with the University of Bologna, SSLIMIT.
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