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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Towards a Real Bilingual School” originates from the school’s necessity of improving the teaching quality of our bilingual project and the need to widen the European dimension not only in teachers but in the scholar community in general. Our bilingual project, which started 5 years ago, has not constancy regarding the subjects taught in English or the possibility of extension into the Bachelor studies. There are no teachers among the permanent staff entitled with the required level of English to teach their subjects in another language and we depend on temporary teachers sent by the administration at the beginning of each academic year. This deficiency in the linguistic competence of our teachers is even incremented by the fact that we do not have an international plan for the school. Therefore, we need to increase the number of teachers interested in European projects, with new ideas and innovative methodologies and willing to organize international orientated activities. We are asking for 11 training courses for permanent teachers in our school, interested in learning languages and participating in international projects, willing to collaborate in the school development and who should show a concern about the improvement of the quality in education. The participants will be selected taking into account the experience they might add to the project, their motivations and the future impact the training will bring to the school development. The planned activities are: English language courses for 6 teachers; training in new methodologies and teaching techniques for 4 teachers (2 CLIL related and another 2 regarding the teaching of foreign languages) and finally, 1 teacher training in management and organization of international activities and projects. We hope to reach the following OUTCOMES: improvement of the English communicative skills in our teachers, enhancement of the cultural knowledge about the countries visited by the participants among the whole educational community; acquisition of practical knowledge about CLIL methodology; renovation and extension of innovative strategies and methodological tools regarding education; acquisition of leadership and managing skills to deal with European projects inside Erasmus +; participants’ motivation and positive attitude towards taking official tests to prove their English level, which will bring the increase in the number of teachers in the school entitled to teach in English; participants’ self-confidence when using English inside and outside the classroom. In addition we also hope to create a European school network and find partners to collaborate in KA2 actions in the future; CLIL material prepared to use in the class; motivating and new activities to involve students and families in the international plan of the school; a school policy plan including the selection of a European team and a coordinator; an application for a KA2 in year 2015-2016. All the outcomes above mentioned will provide the school with a qualified staff ready to participate in the bilingual programme and give it stability, and therefore we will be improving the quality of the studies offered in our school. In addition, we will be better known inside and outside the region thanks to the innovation in our teaching methodologies. The prestige we will acquire by having international projects will present us as an example of motivation and honest endeavour to improve the quality in education. The school will gain self-confidence, influence and authority among the educational community while the participants will improve their level of English and have it accredited. They will gain confidence when using the language inside the classroom and will have their effort recognized. Students, families and even the political and educational administrations will be also benefitted from the project thanks to the planned activities in the school, such as student exchanges, international experiences, trips and associations, which will bring positive publicity towards the locality and its inhabitants. They will be also positively affected thanks to the improvement of the school internationalization and the quality of education.
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