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Towards a European qualification for Solid Waste Facilities’ Managers
Start date: 01 Nov 2012,

SWFM-QF aims at developing a European qualification and training framework to address the needs of Facilities Managers in the waste management industry and in line with the EU 2020 Flagship Agenda for New Skills and Jobs.The core demand for this action stems from the fact that the “new generation” of waste management facilities are becoming highly technical worksites therefore affecting the structure of the required qualifications and the composition of the skills for the professionals in the sector.Despite the constant increasing need for technically skilled employees to maintain and operate the advanced waste treatment facilities, the qualifications and VET frameworks of Solid Waste Facilities Managers (SWFM) have a diversified structure within the EU states and they are not aligned with EQF and ECVET initiatives. SWFM-QF intends to cover this gap by developing a common professional qualification and training framework in line with the directions of the EU policy. The outcome will be a range of standardized profiles suitable for the different levels of SWFM qualifications.The main project products will be: national surveys on the NQFs and VETs regarding SWFMs; an EU Network of experts; a communication & Knowledge Exchange Platform; a comparative report on existing qualifications and VETs in the SWM industry in line with EQF and ECVET; a competence frame for professionals’ profile in the SWM industry (EQF level 4-6); a training tool-kit for the implementation of a SWFM course (access criteria, requirements, curriculum, sources for training material); evaluation processes; dissemination activities; a 5-year Exploitation Plan.The outputs of SWFM-QF will seek to facilitate the transnational mobility and to improve the labour quality in the waste management sector by delivering a transparent qualifications system in line to the requirements of the EU policy, which supports the recognition and transfer of qualifications and competences across the EU countries.
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