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Towards a European qualification for service and maintenance in the solarenergy-sector
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

Since the EU agreed to raise the EU's share of renewable energies to 20% by 2020, there appear especially new challenges for branches like the solar-sector. But here, the skills development is still national in scope and unaligned to the European market. This poses barriers to achieving the European Union's targets and the objectives of the LLL-program to bolster cross-border mobility of solar workers. In addition, researches of the partners show, that there is the highest need for new VET-contents in service and maintenance of photovoltaic installations (e. g. monitoring of installations, prevention of errors, maintenance of solar cells, technical tuning, etc). Common VET-qualifications for electricians and the few additionally developed offers on a local or national level are not sufficient in order to meet the needs for a systematic approach in VET for the growing solar-sector. The project SolTec aims to close this gap, intends to deliver a European qualification standard, improves the quality of the VET-system by incorporating the common European tools (learning outcomes, EQF, etc.), promotes the transparency and recognition of competences and (as a consequence of this) the workers mobility. It boosts the skills capital of the solar energy sector and sets up an industry-based skills network in order to promote the further need-oriented skills-development. This fosters the involvement of different stakeholders in making VET more responsive to the needs of the solar-labour market. The partner consortium includes 10 partners from six European countries. With this composure of partner consortium it is especially intended to integrate companies, VET-organisations and trade unions from the main producer-countries of solar-technologies (Germany) with the main user-countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal) and enlarge this with the specific needs of the Eastern European countries (Romania, Poland).
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