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Toward safer road traffic in Turkey through continuous education and lifelong learning of driving instructors

Analyses of traffic crashes indicate that human factors are a sole or a contributory factor in 90% of road traffic accidents. Hence, the causes of road accidents can be found in drivers' unsafe behaviour due to poor skills and/or risky attitudes. Driving education is of great importance in the process of learning safe driver skills and adopting safe driver attitudes. Since most drivers get their primary education from qualified driving instructors (DI), the quality of DI training is directly reflected in drivers' attitudes, driving skills and, finally, traffic safety. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of DI professional skills by providing them with a multimedia-training package. The package is aimed at expanding DI skills based driving knowledge with detailed knowledge of traffic safety problems caused by novice drivers, enhancing their attitudes about traffic safety and to provide relevant teaching materials for them.

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