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Touch The Magic Of Fairy Tales
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Touch the Magic of Fairy Tales consists of 8 carefully selected partners from Turkey, Latvia, Check Republic, Poland, Romania, Greece, Spain and Portugal. The age range of students are 4-11 in the project. İn the globalizing world it is very important to teach young generation with the feelings of tolerance and openness towards other nations. The best way to do it is to meet, discuss, talk and play together. It is necessary to have an interaction and communication among people and communities in the fields of culture, religion, language, etc., because complaisance, respect, love and synergy among society can be improved only in this way. The project would be a means to break with the rural isolation of our schools grouping. All the partners have unique roles to fulfill during the project process. In each country fairy tales are an integral part of the entire primary school curriculum, incorporated into both interdisciplinary instruction, as well as spiral curricula. Fairy tales objectify students imagination in education and They develop our students ability of creative thinking and mental development and help in primary education because their setting is enchanted. Through the tales the teachers can teach a lesson that is of importance to the culture it comes from. In addition to the benefits in terms of emotional fulfillment and students engagement are quite significant. European Union level requires clear leadership and shared vision between authorities and stakeholders. All the stakeholders will have an active role during the project activities like, playing with balloons in the colours of the flags of all participating countries, project logo and flag competition, questionnaires, the presentation of a fairy tale and making a film, invitation of parents, grandparents or professional tellers of fairy tales, learning songs belonging to fairy tales, performing a play about fairy tales, creating pictures of fairy tales for the calendar 2016, staying overnight at school for a "night of literature", developing a "book with pictures(TMOFT), school festivals, exhibitions, producing a dictionary of fairy tales, seminars and meetings. The child-appropriate partnership symbol - a doll - was named EUdoll. Children play with dolls and puppets and in so doing, transfer their own imaginary identities to their toys. The participants use this phenomena in their project work. Through play she demonstrates to the children the concept of project cooperation. In a playful way the children learn: you and I, we ALL are Europe! In joint work with the children, EUdoll is dressed step-by-step as the project progresses. During the final meeting at the end of the project, EUdoll is presented, fully dressed in clothing from all the participating countries. During her travels EUdoll keeps a project-specific fairy tale book (travel diary). She records her experiences with new friends she meets in each of the project countries. The children themselves are responsible for the entries into her diary, each country writing in its native language. In this way the children are familiarized with the specific characteristics of each partner country. The same entries are also recorded in English, because language learning is another important objective. In joint educational project emphasis is placed upon both the unique and individual, as well as upon shared elements, thus strengthening the idea of a European identity. On a more practical level, the project will improve understanding of how the European Union is organized and what study and employment opportunities are available for pupils. Teachers will learn about the Education systems in different countries and have opportunities to observe and share good practise during mobility visits. Participants will work closely with partners schools, developing skills of co-operation, shared responsible. The project will highlight the harm that racism, prejudice and inequalities cause within our societies and the importance of promoting tolerance and respect for our European neighbors. With a more accessible world, through communication, education and travel, it is fundamental that schools have a 'International Dimension', looking beyond its own doors and local community to learn about and embrace other nationalities, cultures and languages. It will provide opportunities for students to learn about European societies and cultures, to identify similarities and differences with their own. The project will increase the wealth of cultural, functional and structural value by having more partners in the project. Because, more and more people will have a chance to live, vision and learn about sample countries shared cultural features of different activities. We will work regularly in the future with the materials produced during the project such as CDs, booklets, websites, diaries, etc.
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