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Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ContextThe Casa do Povo de Cerva has worked in the field of culture and sports to bring more strength to people´s life, especially young people who frequently feel themselves hostages of the geographical isolation they have been destined to. After a few talks with the young people that work with us, we came up with the idea of promoting a youth exchange with European young people under the Erasmus+ program. Such opportunity, in case it’s conceded to us, will be a unique opportunity for the youth of our region to be able to get along with other young people from other cultures and benefit from all the learning that will result from that experience. We have chosen sports as the theme for this project as a way to allow participants to get along and share their multiculturalism. Furthermore, sports is not just a vehicle for a healthier lifestyle, but it also shares values such as solidarity, inclusion and respect for other people, values that are so important for any young person and are also hallmarks of the Erasmus program.The activities we are going to develop under non-formal education methods will have the objective of developing various competences namely: to give young participants the opportunity of benefitting from the immersion into another culture; to promote a spirit of cooperation tolerance and mutual assistance; to value the benefits of intercultural dialogue and learning; to develop activities based on non-formal education, valuing its role as a vehicle for the transmission of cross-cutting values in the formation of any individual; to promote the development of a critic and creative spirit as well as a team spirit; to develop the sense of European identity; to promote the development of an active and responsible citizenship; to discuss the role of young people in the combat against isolation; to value the role of sports not only for the promotion a healthy lifestyle, but also because it’s a factor of inclusion, respect and reconciliation between people.Number and profile of participants:60 participants aged between 13 and 18 who share the factor geographical isolation and consequent lack of opportunities, low civic and associative participation, very slight possibility of knowing new people and new realities and a weak notion regarding European issues.Description of activities:- VAP to distribute tasks, discuss all the logistics of the project, the activities to be developed, the elaboration of the schedule and evaluation and dissemination measures. This will be also the opportunity for all the members of the consortium to know each other and meet the place of the exchange;- Local preparation sessions to inform about the program, its objectives, the necessary logistics, the youthpass and the key competences and the learning potential;- Exchange with activities using non-formal education methods where multiculturalism, respect, team work and awareness of the European citizenship will be in evidence.Methodologies:Group dynamics, energizers, ice breakers group sharing moments, multicultural nights, moments for reflection and oriented discussion, role plays.Impacts and results:- Young people more aware of the European reality, able to intervene and to give their contribute for the construction of the European area;- More tolerant and open communities towards other cultures;- Higher motivation on the part of other associations and public organizations to invest more on youth policies or in programs such as Erasmus+,- Improvement of the actions of the associations who developed this project through practice and sharing ideas;- Enlargement of our partnership network at European level.Long term benefits:This project was conceived to give young people the tools that will allow them to transform their future. Therefore we hope that they come out of this exchange as more active young people, able to intervene in the world, making the most of the multicultural environment they will encounter. By doing so, they will certainly learn valuable life skills, and understand concepts such as respect for other cultures, the value of tolerance and the benefits of being European citizens, acknowledging that Europe is an open space full of opportunities. We also hope that they use what they’ve learned by participating and collaborating in this project to become more entrepreneurial and engage in new projects in the future. As to the local community, we expect it to gain a new vision of the world through the contact with young people from other countries, and, finally, that other association’s look at this project as the opportunity to invest more in young people. As for ourselves, participating associations, the learning that will result from this project will certainly improve our best practices and will widen our range of partnerships at European level.
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