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Tools for water management and restoration processes (Lakepromo)
Start date: Aug 31, 2004, End date: Dec 30, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Lakepromo aims to promote multilevel and interregional cooperation in the field of water management. By learning from the experiences of others and pooling the related know-how and technology, the partners want to find the most eco-efficient and sustainable solutions to different water management problems. The emphasis is on limiting eutrophication. Moreover, Lakepromo aims to increase public awareness and visibility of the activities of the European Union and national authorities in water management and, more far-reaching, to contribute to the objectives of the European Water Framework Directive: a good ecological and chemical status of all surface waters in Europe. Achievements: One of the most important aims of this project was to enhance at interregional and multisectoral level the exchange of the knowledge and experiences in the field of water management. The seminars, meetings and publications were in important role in dissemination and widening networks to different stakeholders.Finally, there were 12 partners from eight countries taking part in the Lakepromo operation.Eight steering group meetings were organized with on average of 81 % of partners attending to each meeting. All these meetings have been organized in different Lakepromo countries (Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Russia, Spain, Denmark and Hungary). During these same days were also organized larger Lakepromo-seminars, which were open to all interested parties. There have been altogether 470 participants in these international seminars. The themes of the seminars have been tailored according to the wishes and needs from each region in question. Each partner country compiled a country-specific information package on water management and restoration processes. The lead partner compiled these packages in the Joint Summary Manual, which has been delivered to all partners and stakeholders (300 + 200 printed copies of Joint Summary Manual and also available as pdf on the webpages). These publications serve as 'dictionaries' between different countries and help to exchange and compare the experiences between different target areas. One of the main objectives of this projects was to activate local people to participate actively in water management. The best practices were searched for experimentally at 11 Lakepromo pilot areas. The main findings were gathered to the publication 'Lakepromo - Manual of Practical Tools' (300 printed copies and pdf on the website). The sewage treatment at rural areas was one of the project sub-items for partners from Finland, Hungary and the UK. These partners collected information on different treatment possibilities and methods in each country and done some pilot research. In Finland was arranged a seminar in September 2006 around this specific topic and the summary 'Rural Wastewater Treatment in Finland, the United Kingdom and Hungary' was published (200 copies and pdf on the website). During the first period of 2006 one Hungarian partner (Budapest University) was dropped out due to difficulties with their financial management. However, these tasks and remaining budget were shifted to the Estonian partner. Due to Danish structural reform partner 5 (The County of North Jutland) was replaced by partner 16 (Environment Center Aalborg). On the Lakepromo main web site ( ) there are links to country-specific pages, also all the publications are available there .

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